2015: Mindfulness

Am i too late for “a welcoming new year post” ? mehehe
Lately, i’ve joined BEC that stands for Blog English Club, a group of blogger who are willing to learn and practice our english comprehension, especially in writing skills. One of the activities is some kind of weekly challenge post, and the theme for this week is One Word for My 2015. Naaah, because i haven’t posted anything about welcoming this new year, then i guess i’ll make it in one go 🙂

I pick Mindfulness for my 2015 ! Why is it? For some of you who have read my posts these days may notice that this word have come a lot lately, one of them is here.

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.” by Jon Kabat-Zinn

At first, i was really impressed by my bestfriend’s and her hubby’s posts about death in the beginning of this year. Since i have never have enough guts to write about death, so i think their posts are really awesome! They rang the bell that life is just a glimpse. As i said before, we can’t close our eyes or ears that everyday, every seconds is just a countdown, so being mindful in our life is very essential.
Being mindful might seems petty, but i find it really huge! ⭐

So, in this 2015, i want to feel my presence in the present moment. This mindfulness will be in every aspects of life.
1. In daily life, i need to be mindful to always remember that Alloh is watching me, so i will not forget to pray to start a day, to eat, to bring Him anywhere i go, everything i do. So that, i hope that i will not do anything that could be bad for the others (dzolim).

2. In making priorities, i need to remember that i should not go after something that will not help my after life. Or how do i call it? Tidak mengejar sesuatu yg tidak dibawa mati? Yes, as simple as that.

3. In my job, i need to make my best. Take it or leave it.

4. In blogging and my social media life, i need to remember the awareness of cybercrime so i should be very careful to write or post anything related to my personal life.

5. In shopping spree, THIS ONE I NEED TO BE MINDFUL THE MOST! 😆

6. In my family life, as my #1 priority, i need to make sure of my presence at home, be there for my husband, my kid, and hopefully my parents and in-laws in Bandung and Cimahi. So when things doesn’t meet my requirements or separates us more, then i have to be ready to leave it. Or simply when i’m home, i don’t busily engaged with my gadget! 🙂

All in all…



I wish you a great and blissful 2015, everyone! ❤

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