My Wildest Dream is to becoming Sean O’Connell !

Yes, It Is!!! My very wild dream is to living Sean O’Connell’s life.
Have you ever watched The Secret of Walter Mitty? This movie was released in 2013. It’s about Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller), an employee of Life Magazine who is, long story short, going for an adventure in the search of negative #25. Negative #25 is claimed as the quintessence of his photo journalist friend, Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn), and will be printed for the cover of the final print issue of the magazine. So, the story was about Mitty’s struggle to find the negative for his job’s sake. But that’s not the point.

My wildest dream lays on Sean O’Connell: I’m dreaming of becoming a photo journalist, but not an ordinary photo journalist. It’s the one like Sean O’Connell! ⭐ 😎 To make it clear, you really have to watch the movie then… 😆 HE IS UBER COOL! OMYGOD!! *suddenhysteria ❤ * hahahaha
The picture below is him, by the way~~
It's this man!!
I think of becoming that kind of photo journalist or international freelance writer like ranselijo’s friend is very fancy ⭐ Because as doing your job, you could explore the beauty of nature and life, also anything else that impresses you. It’s like you could do anything you want, stay anywhere you wish to, as long as you might. I could say they’re the real YOLO doer 😀

Well, i know that he’s just a fiction figure, but i believe that kind of person really exists in this world. Besides, i am always amazed and astonished by the beautiful pictures taken by those people. Their talent is gifted and the way they grateful for it, is very genuine 🙂 So, because i’m not a photographer nor a journalist, and i don’t think that i’m brave enough for that either, i find it out that being a photojournalist like Sean O’Connell is beyond my fate could bring me to!

Go watch the movie, it’s inspirational and so deep as well, anyway 😉

40 thoughts on “My Wildest Dream is to becoming Sean O’Connell !

  1. Ahhh what a beautiful dream, Nadia! Yes, people who does his passion as a job will live happily… Actually in that movie, if I were Walter Mitty, I’ll bring camera too ahahaaa.. How come he went to such beautiful places without camera on his hand >_<


  2. Nadia many people chose that route you know and it’s never too late to do a manuever. Their job seems so cool right?! The ability to communicate words through their lenses. Well you are communicating your world to me now. Happy Friday!


  3. I dont believe that we can live as freelancer UNTIL one day I met my friend, C. He is rock star. I think I will write about him soon in my blog and when I telling him about my request, he said: sure you can write about me. Wosha!


  4. Oh, wow, I’m trying to be a good photographer and writer :hehe
    By the way, if you want to be a photographer and/or journalist, why don’t you just take the nearest camera from you, shoot a picture outside, and write a post about it? I’m sure that it will be a step towards your dream, hehehe…


    • Hi, Gara! Well, i do..but i’m still learning to take good pictures like a pro hahahaha. Actually, some of the pictures in this blog is mine, the ones with no source address on the caption. Do you have any tips to get a good pict?


      • I’m not that pro, I’m not an expert in taking pictures and I also don’t really understand a lecture about SLRs or aperture or shutter speed or ISO *I’m still learning, too*, but all can I say is that we as photographers should rely on our instincts on taking photos. My photographer friend once said that “You’ll know if you have “the” picture.” Hehe :3

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