EF 4: Doraemon’s Copy Robot

Here we go again, the 4th of BEC Challenge Post!

The theme for this week is “Grab a Tool from Doraemon’s Magic Pocket”. This one is quite tough for me because I barely remember those gadgets in the comics or movies :\ All I know is just Take-Copter (Baling-Baling Bambu), Anywhere Door (Pintu Kemana Saja), Time Furoshiki (Selimut Waktu), Small Light (Senter Pembesar/Pengecil), Time Machine (Mesin Waktu), you name it. So, I was just browsing and found this gadget: Copy Robot!! ⭐

Pict from doraemon.wikia.com

Pict from doraemon.wikia.com

This gadget is also known as Copi Robotto.

How does it work?
To activate this robot, you just have to push the red button on its face (I reckon that’s the nose part) and it will turn into someone who pushes the button. Not only will it have the same appearance as us, but also the personality. The difference is just the robot version of us has a slightly red nose. How cool is that? *smirking* :mrgreen:
But do not ever try to hurt it, or else it’ll become mean and destructive, especially when its head hurts.
To deactivate, just push the same button as we activate it at the first time, the red nose.

What would I do with it?
I would send “the copy-me” to work at my office! Yes, replacing me for sure 🙄 💡
So, while she’s working, I could have plenty of time with my daughter at home and get paid as well 😆
And, whenever I’m reluctant to do anything, I’d send her anyway~~

Yah,, a dream is just a dream. Let’s wake up, reality is waiting 🙂

28 thoughts on “EF 4: Doraemon’s Copy Robot

  1. I remember this one. But forgot the ending of the story. Hahaha.
    i made up all the tools term in English. But you put the real term. Hopefully others didn’t realize that.


  2. Hahahahaha. Grab one for me too Nad. I will totally use it. People in the office wouldn’t even notice it wasn’t me except for its red nose I guess. How convenient!


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