EF #8: Letter from A Proud 25

A High-Schooler! :mrgreen:

A High-Schooler! :mrgreen:

Dear The Teenage Me,

First thing first, I guess not much to say, just thank you so much for being you all this time. As a good yet bad-tempered girl, you did a lot for I am now. Things will be so much different in a not-so-satisfying-way, if you didn’t stay true to your heart and did as you wish to make your parents always happy and proud. Sounds wrong? 😕 No, because you know it from the very first time that their happiness is yours as well.

So here I am now, missing the old you. The one who is so eager, dilligent, independent, and explosive to the younger brothers (just like Kak Ros in Upin Ipin 😀 ). But what I miss the most is that flawless skin face without pimples!! hahaha 😀 GOSH! o_O The last time I had it was in the prior pregnancy.
Well, you were an impatient spoilt little girl kinda like sometimes, when it comes to having a certain wish to Bapak 😛

In the other hand, I congratulate you for surviving the heart-break moment of a fail-monkey-love-story and keep jomblo-ing until you met your future husband 😎

Well, I owe you for the hardwork and for finishing the english course to the advance level plus the additional TOEFL Prep. You really did your best! ⭐ It was not easy, I knew it. Being the youngest in class is annoying sometimes when the classmates kid on you :\ But so much fun, though, because they treated you as the youngest sister. You got all you want hahaha. What else?
As a closing, I’m grateful you for your decision to wear the veil in such a young age. This was really a “break” for my wild teenage-dreams 🙂 Please remind me to keep being me, pursue the dreams, and always be the only Daddy’s heartthrob ^^’

I love you, ❤

-From Your 25

This is the BEC’S #8 Weekly Challenge. Keep going! 🍸

55 thoughts on “EF #8: Letter from A Proud 25

  1. Btw Nad, sorry on a different topic since I just saw your anak mamee pic on the same page. Mine says only mamee and it’s got a yellow wrapper. I wonder now if they taste the same. Is your anak mamee produced in Malaysia?


  2. Hi, Nadia the high-schooler!
    It’s such a pleasure for me to reading this :))
    Oh, so you were like Kak Ros, back then? What about now? :hihi.
    Have a nice day ahead, Nadia! God bless you! :))


  3. So cute, Mbak Nad! At first glance, your face resembles one of my junior’s in college. I miss my young and acne free-skin, too *cry*. My face is not as smooth as what I had when I was a junior high student.
    I think that’s a perk of being an older sister, Mbak Nad *high five* we can nag to our younger sis/bro sometimes 😀


  4. Just read this post Nad. Really? 25??? Hmmmm.

    Well, at last, we finally met. So glad we did this Meet Up.

    Not to brag or something, I don’t have zits up till today. Hopefully no come out after I wrote this.


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