Having a Good Time at BEC #1 Gathering

My only question after all the event was: how could you guys (the admins) be so kind?? :mrgreen:
Seriously, but the event was so good and the fact that it was for free is somehow very generous for me. Jazakallohu khoiron katsiro…
I was happy to meet some of the members, since I’ve visited their blogs before and the new others. It was nice talking, joking, and learning at the same time.

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The event was opened by Mas Dani as the MC, a little story about BEC from Mbak Nita, Mbak Deva as Moderator, and Mas Ryan give some explanation for the meaning of our new logo. Unfortunately, Mas Andik couldn’t join this as another admins.

The speakers are great, too! Mbak Ollie as the 1st speaker from www.salsabeela.com and the founder of Nulis Buku shared her experience in blogging in English, the advantages, some tips, wise words, couragement to write confidently, and many more. I talked to her just a moment before the session began, and I just need more. I thought that I could talk to her afterwards, but I found it was left undone. I guess she had another schedule to catch. Well, hope to see her again sometimes in the other occasions.

I took some notes during the session and my two favourite quotes by Mbak Ollie is:

“Make an Effort to get knowledges and there are no such a perfect time to write.” -by Ollie Salsabeela

Quite a slap for me who always make “I got no time to write” as a reason. haha

There was a game between the sessions, and the winners are Mbak Etty and Mbak Lia 😀 The game was listening to each other’s stories and jot it down. Three participants read them loud and picked the best of them.

The 2nd speaker was Mas Wawan from Dokter WP. He was a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and the session was about the two sides of online business. He shared the necessity to protect our website and explaining some kinds of hackers, a really brand new thing for my gaptek mind for sure. LOL 😀

A little bit to the end of this event, the admins announce the winner of BEC’S Giveaway for making a new logo. I believe the admins will post about this, so If you wonder how the new logo is, just check the page often 😉 Oya, the winner is Mas Erianto Ongko. There was also the announcement of BEC’S Member of The Month, which comes to our proud is Mbak Utie! Congratulatiooonnss! 🍸 *bigapplause*

Overall, this really went well. Needless to say that he admins really looked nervous. It was very obvious guys, by the way… :mrgreen: Jangan kapok ya Admins, puhleeaasee…. 🐻

27 thoughts on “Having a Good Time at BEC #1 Gathering

  1. Thank you Nad.
    You are the first one who wrote. Hahaha. I haven’t draft it yet.

    So much fun. So nervous, will the meet up runs well. How will the streaming be. And many more.


      • iya kmrin bawa anak, itu lhoo anak yg baju kuning, bawa huruf G, ada fotonya pas kita foto rame2 hihi.. iya nih.. next ksh tau admin deh kali yaa… ada perkenalan masing2 diri dulu yaa.. biar lbh akrab dan jd kenal hehe.. kmrin anakku ada tmn sih.. cowok jg anaknya, tp ga tau anak siapa ya itu kmrin? jd pengen kenalan jg sih.. hihihi.. abis lumayan kan anakku jd gak rewel krn ada tmn hehe


  2. Same question about the kindness of the admins, hihi. Nice to meet you in person Nadia, see you again later. Iya bener banget semoga adminnya nggak kapok tapi justru nagih buat bikin event selanjutnya XD


  3. Hi Nadia! Kemarin kita tidak sempat berkenalan, semoga bisa ketemu lagi ya di lain waktu 🙂
    Setuju sama kalimat pertama. Two thumbs up buat para admins. Semoga berkelanjutan terusss yaaa


  4. Great event from great people. Let’s hope that the second event will be hold soon, as I’m eagerly looking forward for the next events. Oh, don’t forget the foods, too :hihi! Bring plenty of them! :hehe.


  5. Too bad somehow the connection was cut off so I couldn’t follow the later part. The second speaker’s topic is also interesting. Btw, which one are you in the picture Nad? I didn’t see anyone with some acnes.


  6. Hi Nad,
    So embarrassed that I just wrote down the draft. Pleasure to meet you btw.
    May I get 2 group photos that there’s me in it?

    Keep blogging Nad !. Don’t forget to visit my blog for sure 🙂
    Nad, please email me your number to get in contact 😉 (dewanda.saputri@gmail.com)


    • That’s okay, Mbak, we’re doing it for fun. Yes, please, just use the photos. I do visit your blog 😉 Keep writing about travelling, maybe one day I could use your itinerary hehe
      I’ll sent email straightaway 😉


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