EF #9: Gathering with Delicacies!

Hello Friday!
This is the #9 Challenge Post, huyy, so glad I’m hanging on this tight 😀

This one is about a dream gathering, but I’d tell you my first gathering beforehand. My first blogging community is Kumpulan Emak Blogger a.k.a KEB. This is my first community ever in my life by the way, cause I’ve just noticed what’s been my passion. The first gathering I’ve ever joined is Arisan Ilmu that was held last year. I like their concept of this gathering. Instead of getting money like the usual Arisan, here we get knowledges. And yes, for free. As the venue is not that big, so the participants are limited only for 15 members. We registered and the chief of this event will decide who could join by shuffling (like ngocok Arisan, what’s in English? 😕 ). For the snacks during the event, we do Potluck. Everyone should bring their own food, anykind, so we could have a variety of delicacies. It’s fun! 🙂

The Potluck

The Potluck

Furthemore, you can just check the prior link above 😉

Nah, for my dream gathering, I’ve thought about something. As well The Museum Visit is such a brilliant idea, I always want to have a cooking class with Sushi Tei! 😎 And to have this as a gathering sounds interesting to me. We could have the chefs as the speakers (of course). Like any other cooking class, we could try to make our own sushi and write about it in our blog afterwards, as a post-event post. There will be a selected best sushi by The Sushi Tei Parties. I got some info from my cousin who’s been in this kind of event before. She said that if we want to hold this cooking class, we could gather at least 10 person at least. There will be a charge, the last one is IDR 75k, maybe now it’s different.

Well, this one is just my dream as not everyone loves sushi :mrgreen: But if this happened, I’d make sure my name’s on the list.

Courtesy by sushitei.co.id

Courtesy by sushitei.co.id

30 thoughts on “EF #9: Gathering with Delicacies!

  1. I haven’t had sushi before, so…
    Ooh, museum visit! Of course I want to join, if that’s the case! And here I am now, already overexcited with just the possibility that I maybe will meet other bloggers at the place I love most: museum! :hehe.


  2. Meet at museum? What will we do then? Hehehehe.
    *btw.. I didn’t read Gara’s comment*

    And one other thing. You are an auditor? *hiding those documents*


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