Being an Overprotective Parents, Am I?

You know you’re a parents when someone messes with your kid, and you just can’t take it.

That is exactly what I felt so many days ago. I sometimes feel a bit uneasy when accompanying my daughter as she plays with her friends. Most of her friends are a year to 3 years older. What makes me feel uneasy is when my daughter gets hurt accidentally by any of her friends. I often ask myself, is it just the-over-sensitive-me or… what?

I still remember some days ago when I watched the kids playing in our house. Some of her friends (our neighbor’s kids) were playing here and there. As I paid attention to my daughter who fell on a boy’s lap because she was pushed by the other friend, being pushed against the boys as well and almost hit the wall if I wasn’t there catching her. I felt so offended! 😡 In my mind was like: “Hey, she’s just fell on you, not sat on you for purpose”. But I chose to be quite and just staring. I know he was just a kid. But I felt more offended when that boy yelled at her, calling her bad and so on. Silly me, I just wanted to cry 😆
I didn’t want to see that boy’s face for some days because of this.

In the other side, I sometimes saw my daughter was holding her toys when suddenly her friend took them away by force. Her friend was older and my daughter was just staring, cluelessly. The contrary might happened when my daughter was the one who wanted the toys. Her friend will just hit or push her. Well, this happens a lot on the playground. But sometimes I think I need to teach her about possession and the ability to stand up for her rights. Am I being too far? Well, I don’t like seeing my daughter being treated that way, honestly. So I’m confused. Hahaha.

When I talked about his to my mom, she just laughed. She said that the feeling is normal to every parents, in here it’s me as a mom. She said she was feeling that way, too. My mom then pointed an example by saying that if ever my hubby did something bad at me, she and Dad would never forgive him and chase him wherever. LOL, watch out, hubby! 😀

Overall, this is the other thing of being a parents. That feeling when you think that nobody may not ever hurt your little ones.
'Have a nice date and remember, your mother and I don't want to see any fingerprints on your touch screen.'


12 thoughts on “Being an Overprotective Parents, Am I?

  1. Dilemma ya kita sebagai orang tua ngadepin hal seperti ini. I feel the same way. On one side if we see our kid get pushing/hitting by other kid(s) of course we’re upset feels like wanna protect our kid from others (forever) apalagi kalau lagi di playpark/playground trus crowded ajang playfight terkadang gak bisa dihkndarin juga. Trus kalau si anak2 itu abis mukul suka cuek aja gitu diikutin ortunyabjuga gak kasih konsekuensi.Tapi kadang anaku juga suka diposisi yang gak sengaja atau dengan sengaja (kalau dia diganggu) pushing/hitting other kids gitu. Jadi gaenak ama ortunya. Aku selalu ajarin buat say sorry , harus ada follow up with logical consequences dan aku sbagai ibunya juga minta maaf. Hal2 kaya gini emang beneran deh buat dilemma banget. Apalagi disini ortu bule suka lebih aggressive klo anaknya kenapa2 tapi giliran anaknya ganggu anak lain mreka cuek aja (walau gak semua ya) kalau udah kaya gini aku kesel jadinya anakku (2.5th) kan mikirnya ini sbnernya mukul,dorong,gigit boleh gak si or gak boleh? Duuhh.. Jadi panjang commentnya ;p Baru minggu lalu aku juga posting hal dilemma gini diblog juga. Karena anaku sampai kena hardikan ortu bule gitu. ( dia dorong anak lain ) gue tau si anak ku salah tapi klo sampai diamukin org lain yang bukan ortunya atau guru disekolah kayanya aku gak rela juga yaaa. Hal kaya gitu jadi buat trauma karena anaku masih 2.5th . Mau ngamuk juga percuma. Serba salah lah 😦


    • I got a friend! Iya sih aku juga selalu memosisikan diri kalo2 anak kita ntr malah yg bkin salah, tp tntunya kalo gt aku bakal tegas ngasi tahu itu salah dan bner2 minta maaf ama ortunya. Karena kdang anak g gt ngeh kan, cuek aja, ortunya yg riwil hihi


  2. I think that’s totally normal.
    Saya juga kalau jadi orang tua pasti akan seperti itu, Mbak :hehe.
    Sehat-sehat selalu buat si kecil ya, Mbak! :)).


  3. aku juga over protective sama adik-adikku. apalagi dulu waktu kecil, adikku gampang di bully. jadi aku suka kesel dan marah-marah sama temen-temennya yang jahat.

    mungkin karena adikku sama anak Nadia sama-sama diem aja kali ya, makanya kita suka gemes sendiri. hehehehe


  4. Aaah ngerti banget rasanya ini Nad. Dan ternyata gw yang lebih gak reala anak gw disakitin. Kalo emaknya masih bisa milah milih mana yang bisa dijadiin pelajaran buat anak gw, eh gwmya yang esmosi. Kudu belajar terus sih ya sebagai ortu.


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