EF #10: Mie Aceh, superyumm!!

My love for a heavy spices food and noodles brings the joy for this food: Mie Aceh (Acehnese Noodles, am I getting it right?). Actually, my favorite Indonesian Cuisine is a lot, but I pick this one as I could eat it so many times in a month. My hubby will say “Amen” for the last sentence, I guess :mrgreen:

Mie Tumis Daging @ RM Seulawah and Es Timun. My dynamic duo <3

Mie Tumis Daging @ RM Seulawah and Es Timun. My dynamic duo โค

There are three options of serving this noodles: sauteed, fried, and boiled. I prefer the first one. And whatever the topping is, I always love them. I usually eat it with the pickels to make it fresher and Cucumber Ice (Es Timun) as the beverage. Cucumber Ice here has the role of the alkali to soothe the tummy from the heavy spices. Perfect match!
These two dishes, Mie Aceh and Cucumber Ice, are originally from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province, Indonesia.
And my favorite restaurant for this dish in Jakarta is the famous Seulawah which is located in Benhil. There is another favorite restaurant near my residence, it is in Kayu Manis street or whatever, near Matraman railway. Both restaurants are small and very unpretentious, but they make such a mouthwatering dishes, sluurrp!
Aaah, I can't get enough for just one plate, give me more, please!! :mrgreen:

Any other recommended places for this delicacy?

49 thoughts on “EF #10: Mie Aceh, superyumm!!

  1. Glek!! Nadiaaa, I also love Mie Aceh!! Thank you for the recommendation (in Benhil & near Matraman), I should ask my hubby to take me there ๐Ÿ˜€
    This EF challenge is so fun yet confusing, which food I should choose *takut ga adil sama makanan lainnya bwahahahaa


    • Ayok kita jajan bareeng Mbak Tiaa ๐Ÿ˜€ haha iya itu warungnya kecil-kecil banget, aku jg kalo mo kesana selalu takut kelewat -__- apalagi yg dket rel itu gak ada namanya apa ya makanya aku lupa dan gak sebutin di atas. Tapi coba Seulawah aja dl deh hehe
      Aku juga bingung ya, enyak enyak :))


  2. Hi, Mba Nad ๐Ÿ™‚ Have you heard about Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok in Medan? I recommend you to visit it if you come to Medan. I don’t really like Mie Aceh, though. It’s too spicy for me.


  3. Saya baru tahu yang di Matraman dan Kayumanis, selama ini tahunya Mi Aceh cuma di Plasma kampus :hihi. Eh tapi saya pernah deh lewat warung Mi Aceh di daerah Tebet begitu, Mbak, Jl. Saharjo apa ya, pokoknya sebelah kiri jalan kalau setelah fly over Tebet itu :)). Lewat doang sih, belum pernah coba, soalnya belum ada temennya :huhu.
    Mi Aceh memang mak nyuss… apalagi kalau ada kepitingnya :yummy.


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