3 Movies that Made Me Goes “WOW”

So, without further ado… i’m going to tell you the 3 movies that crushing my feeling, melting those tears, jaw dropping, and even speechless in so many ways. And I always wonder what’s on their story maker’s mind. HOW COULD YOU BE SO ……*speechless*…… GUYS?? ❓ :mrgreen:
Well, but here I will not tell you any excerpt of the story, I’m sorry, just watch them 😉

1. The Miracle in Cell No. 7
This South-Korean movie is so heart-breaking, but also funny in some parts. You’ll find yourself laughing, crying, moved, and also understanding the unrequited love. It’s about the love of a father. Love could make us brave enough to sacrifice.

Source: koreanfilm.or.kr

Source: koreanfilm.or.kr

The only way to move myself on from the movie, to slap me that this is just a story, is by looking at Korean Selebrity News and read the actors’ and actresses’ gossips. Yes, to make sure they were acting back then and they actually have an awesome life. HAHAHA.

2. The Fault in Our Stars
Some people might find this movie slow and boring, including my husband. He fell asleep so many times during the movie and looked so relieved when the movie was finally ended. LOL! 😆 But I found this quite deep, especially for my comprehension about death. Those healthy people sometimes forget about death. They feel so far away from death, unlike those who’s unhealthy. If I could say, who knows, death is a big mystery to anyone. Being sick or healthy can’t guarantee how long you’ll live. But, I’ll go with the possibility.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

In this movie, they are the main characters who’s having cancer and they know it well that their lives are not for long. I adore the main characters for their acceptance of the fate. I always remember Augustus Water’s statement about his fear of oblivion if the time comes. I thought about it and I could catch his fear. Soo, yah… this movie brought me to a quite deep contemplation about life and death.

3. PK

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

I’m so happy to have my favourite uncle in this movie, I love you Om Aamir Khan! ❤ HAHAHA. Well, This is not the first Bollywood movie that made me fall in love so many times! Ah, I put my hat's off for their great and educational movies. Well, educational doesn't mean it's only about something theoretical, but they always teach me something. And they send the messages geniously into a story, a great story for sure!
This movie leads me to a deeper thought of a life process. About human since they were born, learn to live, seek of God, and understanding about life itself. Instead of seeing the main character (PK) as an alien, I tried to see that as my kid. That she was born, she learns how to live by looking at the environments, one day she'll ask about God, and I need to explain it well. This movie discreetly gives quite an answer. Needless to say, what they're trying to explain aligned well with the belief I'm in.

So yeah… these are great! These left me delusional for some days back then 😆

What's yours? Care to tell me?

36 thoughts on “3 Movies that Made Me Goes “WOW”

  1. I haven’t watched two of the three. Definitely I need to find PK and Miracle.. As for the fault, the acting is good. But since I read the book first, yeah you know.. Hihihi.


  2. PK! Dari bengong-nyengir-ngakak-nangis-nangis sampe tenggorokan sakit, hihihi.. mungkin karena dasarnya suka sama aamir khan sejak 3 idiots, jadi suka deh film2 dia 😉


  3. I haven’t watched any of them :malu. Haven’t read the novel for the second movie, too :hehe.
    Ah, I remember a quote about the future that had we known the future, we wouldn’t have been living our life with such a passion for spending day by day with great achievements. I think, it’s because we don’t know the future, that we could say we’re living now :)).


  4. How could anyone not cry while watching fault in our stars !!! oh there’s a lot of tearjerker scene ;/
    I was crying so much , Nad. especially when August tell hezel that his MRI “lit up like a Christmas tree” seriously I couldnt handle it ;p


  5. mau ikutan nimbrung… hahaha
    sebenerny aq bukan movie maniac sih, tpi tetep aja ada beberapa yang aku suka.
    dari sekian banyak yang pernah aq tonton, ada 3 yang menurutq pribadi sangat membekas.

    1. Dragon Zakura,
    ini film dorama Jepang (versi koreanya kata temenku ada juga. God of Study apa ya judulnya, lupa) tentang anak sekolahan yang isinya berandalan semua, tapi kemudian ada seorang lawyer yang mereformasi sekolah itu sehingga mereka masuk ke universitas paling top di jepang, tokyo university. Yang paling saya suka dari seluruhnya adalah endingnya. sebagaian besar kita kalo nnton pasti udah tau kalo gak ujung-ujungnya happy ending pasti sad ending. nah dia ini ngangkat endingny menurutq keren banget. soalnya apa yang dia sajikan itu yang sangat dekat dg real life. seru abis dah pokoknya.

    2. Three Idiot.
    ini film bolywood yg kayakny familiar ya. gak usah banyak cerita deh, udah pada tau pasti, hehehe
    yg pasti pesan moralnya keren, all is well… 😛

    3. Umar Ibn Khattab.
    nah yang satu ini, kalo boleh saya nilai dari skala 10, nilainya 11. huahahaha *so unfair
    ini satu-satunya film yang gak tau udah berapa kali gue tonton dan selalu bkin gw menitikkan air mata di beberapa part. ini tentang sejarah, tentang perjuangan, tentang reliji, tentang kemanusiaan, tentang harapan, tentang kejayaan, wah banyak lah pokoknya. gak ada habisnya kalo di ceritain 😀

    itu ceritaku nad. biar adil kan, kamu kasih 3, aq kasih 3 juga 😀 *cheers*


    • wahaha good!
      Film nomor 1 aku cm nonton versi jepang aja, cocok emang apalagi buat yg mau ujian 😀 Yg nomor nonton pas masih jaman ngekos di Bintaro hehe sendirian dari ngakak ampe nangis-nangis..
      Tapi yg nomor 3 belum pernah 😦 dapetnya dari mana ya Fiq?


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