Live It Up!

Been so unmotivated on the past week, entahlah rasanya capek banget. Padahal rutinitas biasa aja, but I was unexpectedly exhausted. Rasanya malas. The ideas keep coming, and just left written on the notes. Not even drafted 😕 Mau nulis, there was no chances. Karena kalo nulis biasanya subuh ato malem sebelum tidur, whenever the kid asleep, semingguan kemarin selalu blablas. Rasanya lelah. Yes, it’s not no time, but no chance.

I don’t want to blame the time cause it’s always here with me. The problem is in me. I always stupidly fell asleep. Bad sleepy-head.

I was quite recharged when spending my afternoon with some mommies at the office as we have a financial planning chit-chat with Mbak Kikau, The Financial Planner. The chit-chat was so fruitful and of all the tips, there is only one left unapplied by me so far. So, I think I need to give it a try for the sake of my shopping havoc. LOL!



But then, God rang the bell to warn me. The news about the deceased comedian at night just slapped me. It’s not because of the comedian, but the death itself. You know, death always thrills me. It is a warning that we’ve never known how much time’s left. The clock is ticking, and we shouldn’t take this time for granted. Do as many as you can.

And one thing about health, I think I was exhausted due to my poor vitality. Sudah saatnya mengembalikan kebiasaan yg sudah lama ditinggal, yaitu melarikan diri lari pagi. Belakangan setelah melahirkan saya memang jarang olah raga, gak pernah malah 😦 Maybe this one is the problem, karena setelah melarikan diri lari pagi selama 2 hari ini alhamdulillah badan lebih segar dan mood lebih baik.

Gak ketinggalan, having a balance life is indeed ultimate. The mind, body, and soul. Belajar, hiburan, bekerja, makan, istirahat, olahraga, dan mendekatkan diri pada Tuhan.


I love a daily dose of morning ray ❤ warm and energizing...

Well, well, it is okay to get tired at some time, though. Not only does it mean we do a lot, but also a small reminder for not being too much later 😉

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