EF #13: Swing and Run!

Do you know? All this time since the morning I thought today is Thursday! Hahaha. That’s why I got confused seeing some posts about this week’s BEC Challenge Post about Our Sports in my timeline. Hm hmm… I notice today’s Friday when my hubby was going to go to the mosque this afternoon 😛
The first thing that came to my mind was: oh then I need to make the post, too! 😆 So, here it is…

I’m a kind of person who’s quite lazy to move the ass and rock the body. Especially if it needs to be done at the other places, outside and faraway from home. So all this long, my favorite sports are the ones which can be done around the neighborhood, or better, inside the house. In my prior post, I told you that I like doing Hula-Hoop. It’s fun, so much fun! And also good for your hip 😉 Hula-hooping is the happiest sport and the healthiest game, I guess. I bet you wouldn’t stop smiling, especially if it’s the first time doing it 😀 If you need some tips about playing hula-hoop, you can check the link above.

But since I left my hula in Bandung, so here in Jakarta I do jogging, instead. Well, I don’t do this regularly everyday. I usually do jogging twice in a week, which is on the weekend. I do jogging with my hubby and Cemplu (if she’s awake already) for 15minutes around the neighborhood. We usually run conventionally, without phone or any apps, like Nike+ or so. It could be one lap of running and another walking. After that, we continue to do the grocery shopping together. We’ve never joined CFD for this. Maybe one day we’d try it, who knows hehe. I always want to join 5k or any other runner events, but I rarely get the information and know about it too late after the event 😀 I think we need to join the community if we want to know some events, it’ll be easier to get the info, right?
So, any of you are runners here? Maybe later we can share some info related to this 😉


My Running Equipment. Yes, no phone!

22 thoughts on “EF #13: Swing and Run!

  1. Ayo Nad join aja, aku klo 5k masih mau ikut. Kalau 10k kayaknya kasihan badanku, haha. ajak2 aku aja klo mau ikut 5k blm ada tmn cewe 😉


  2. Kayaknya ada deh Mbak situs internet yang event-event lari begitu, soalnya teman saya yang runners suka ngecek situs itu dan ikut event-nya dari sana. Dunialari.com apa ya, saya lupa-lupa ingat, maklum yang runners itu teman saya, bukan saya… saya mah lari dari kejaran buku dan utang postingan :eh…


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