EF #15: Missing Those Sweat

If we talk about children games back in the days, we can see a huge difference between them. Even what’s happening now is the total contrary of those days.

My parents, for instance, when I was kid, they yelled at me to stop playing outside and come home. While now, they yelled at my brother to stop staring at the screen and play around outside. So much different, isn’t it?

In my point of view, children games in the past times requires more physical activities. They were good for children motor ability development and interpersonal skills. While today’s games are good for their cognitive. Both have pluses and minuses, but I’d prefer the ones in my era.
Why? Because children need to move their body actively. If you read some of my prior posts about motherhood, I’ve mentioned so many times that baby doesn’t need screen time. And if the kids do need screen times, it shouldn’t be as much as what’s happening now by playing those gadget or online games.

Missing Those Sweat? Oh Sure!
I always remember when I was kid, I always get sweaty because of running to chase my friends playing kucing-kucingan or hide and seek. There were so many kinds of kucing-kucingan, even sometimes we make our own version 😀
We can see that it developed our creativity. We also learnt to commit to the rules, know how it feels to fall on the ground, laugh out loud together, and it was so cheerful and merry!
I started to miss my childhood neighbors if we talk about this 🙂

And oh, don’t forget about the kite season! I love when it comes to those windy days, and I can see a lot of colorful kites on the sky. My dad and brothers used to go to our rooftop to fly them. I’m just seeing on the side because I got not idea playing it. LOL! The only task they gave is to roll the strings 😛

Well, maybe the cause of this changes, besides the technology, is the limited space of the neighborhood. I rarely find any fields nowadays. If there are any, they are in the suburbs. That is also why people tend to play futsal than soccer in the field, right? Because there is so little spaces provided. The lands are built into residence and shopping town. I hope there will be solutions for this one.

Well, what about you?
what games do you miss the most? 🙂

18 thoughts on “EF #15: Missing Those Sweat

    • yes, I rarely see kids playing marbles. The only marbles I see nowadays are in Zuma, LOL!
      My grandpa used to collect marbles, and when he passed away he inheritied them to my brothers and nieces. It was a big jar of marbles 😀


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