EF #19: The Sweetest Bond

I love this 19th challenge of english friday! ❤ It brings me to those good times in college. I've never thought that living under the same roof for 3 years could create this strong bond with the girls. We're on the same year, and I remember the first time when we greeted each other in a very good manner. But actually they're all silly, so silly I always miss to be back on those days.

We shared the joy, tears, craze, fights, annoyance, and stories.

I miss to knock on their doors when I was awake in the middle of the night.
I miss the sleepovers, movie times.
I miss to put on face mask and cooking together.
I miss to insult each other boyfriends.
I miss the panic during the exam nights.
I miss to switch KDrama and reality shows.
I miss the surprises on birthdays.
I miss them 🙂

Now, we're all married. Oh wait, one more to get married… soon 😀
The fact that we used to be some steps away, now some of us live out of town, sometimes makes it hard just to arrange the meet up.
See you soon, girls! Always have a good life! 🙂

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