Life of Parents is Simple

Who thought life of parents is complicated?

I think what happen is just the opposite.

You’re happy as simple as seeing the smile of your kids.
You’re frustated as simple as they refuse to eat.
Movie time is as simple as watching DVDs at night, with your spouse when the kids are asleep.
You’re boiling as simple as watching the kids fight on the playground.
You’re proud as simple as your kids show you their ears when you say, “where are your ears?”.
You’re having a heart-attack as simple as losing your eyes for a second at the mall and finding out your kids are not on the first place.
You’re disappointed as simple as the kids sad.
You find peace as simple as having a big hug of your spouse and kids on bed.
You’re desperate as simple as your kids throw tantrum.
You think your spouse is a gentleman as simple as he holds your diaper bag confidently or waking up at night to accompany you breastfeeding.
You think your spouse is awesome as simple as he changes the baby diaper with or without pinching his nose. LOL!
You think your spouse is so tender as simple as he cuddles the baby to sleep and says, “ssshh…” to you.
You’re offended as simple as people judge the way you raise your kids.

Everyday is a roller-coaster riding!

Anyone else wants to add? 🙂

13 thoughts on “Life of Parents is Simple

  1. Bahagia itu sederhana, kalau kita bikin sederhana. Begitu juga sebaliknya. Semua tergantung sudut pandang dan cara berpikir kita 🙂
    Kalo aku disini suka bersyukur banget masih bisa puas makan tahu tempe dan beli cabe harga terjangkau, dibanding kawan2 dinegara lain yang katanya suka ngiler kalo aku posting masakan ada tahu tempe dan cabe berlimpah karena dinegara tempat mereka tinggal susah beli tahu tempe dan cabe harganya selangit.


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