Chain Challenge-Blog Tour BEC

Due to BEC’s 2nd giveaway, I’d say… If I were a part of BEC Administrators, I would make a chain challenge and blog tour among the members. The rule can be more flexible and fun, but the point is like a chain challenge in blogging awards. Simply, we can call this BEC Awards. So the admins will pick the first person randomly and a theme for a blog post with some funny questions included. The 1st person needs to pick the other members for the next blog post theme challenge plus the questions afterwards.
The admins then make the recap to prevent members choosing the same person. What do you think? :mrgreen:

22 thoughts on “Chain Challenge-Blog Tour BEC

  1. This is a very good idea! Like many awards that we have completed by nominating other blogger, right? I hope this idea could be realized soon :)).


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