What is Kolang-Kaling in English by the way?? 😆
I’m getting back with BEC challenges after skipping some of them. And I can’t resist to join this one because it’s related to my favorite appetizer for breakfasting.

Then here it is: The Red Kolang-Kaling!

Red Kolang-Kaling

Red Kolang-Kaling

This one is very easy peasy for my oh-so-poor-cooking-skill.
Here’s the hows:
1. Wash some Kolang-Kaling and rest them for awhile.
2. Boil Kolang-Kaling with sugar (as you please) and Red Fanta for the coloring.
3. DONE!
*it will be better if you add some Pandan leaves and cloves while you boil them for a good smell and aroma.

This Red Kolang-Kaling is best when served cold ❤
Happy Breakfasting!

16 thoughts on “EF #24: RED KOLANG-KALING

  1. Oalah, saya baru tahu lho Mbak kalau mewarnainya pakai Fanta merah :hehe. Terasakah sodanya dalam kolkal itu? Iya enak banget, apalagi kalau manis, lebih afdol lagi kalau dimasak dan dijadikan es buah Mbak, segar banget sebagai hidangan berbuka puasa :)).


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