5 Things About A Friendly Dental Clinic

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you heard of ‘dental clinic’? Cold? Scary? Spooky tools and noise? Well, that was mine.

I had never had a good memories about visiting dentist. That makes me so reluctant to check my dental health up twice a year. So I always missed them.

When I was little, I got caries and then it affected the growth of my permanent teeth. I have this snaggle teeth and consider to brace them since it’s quite difficult to brush them to a total clean. This condition leads to some cavities on my front teeth. So terrible :\

The reason I always put off to brace my teeth was the scare of the pain, and some other bad impacts. But yeah, no pain no gain.

So I decided to fix things up last month by coming to this one-of-a-kind dental clinic: OMDC a.k.a Oktri Manessa Dental Clinic in Mampang, Jakarta. I knew about this from Bundo’s post for the first time. I was interested for their excellent services and knowing the price is the most affordable of all, so there I went.

Besides their dentists’ guaranteed credibilities, here are the 5 things about that friendly dental clinic:

1. A Good Mission: Affordable

I follow their IG on @drg_oktrimanessa and knew about their mission to make a dental care more affordable to everyone. This one is really good since going to a dentist sometimes costs a lot for some people. They also have a clear price list and post them on their IG. So we can estimate our expense in the clinic beforehand.

2. Friendly Staffs and Dentists

I was so satisfied by their services in every visit. They greet, offer things, and work professionally fast. They also explains anything we ask, either by phone or directly at the clinic.

3. A Unique Concept

The clinic has a sense of fuschia. It’s the founder favorite color, if I’m not mistaken. The tools, interior design, were almost on that color. So it is more like a beauty salon than a dental clinic. It was not scary to visit a dentist. Not at all.

Oh there were also photo booths with cute stuffs! If we take a picture there and upload it on IG, we’ll get discount for the admin service fee.

At The Photo Booth

At The Photo Booth

4. Interesting Promo and Community Service

Community service here is the dental health education they do on their IG. They often post one or two things about dental health. Not only do people know more about it, the education will improve their awareness of the importance to keep them clean and healthy. They also make a monthly promo for braces with affordable prices and bonus.

5. Adaptable Schedule and Easy Reservation

For a visit, we need to make an appointment first by their contact number. We can organize our schedule with the dentist as well they offer solution when it doesn’t match. The last time I was about to brace my teeth, they offer the schedule directly on the same week as I ask for the availability.

So, based on my experience, there’s no waiting list. All I’ve experienced, the admins are always do a fast response to our questions.

Isn't this the cutest patient's card? ;)

Isn’t this the cutest patient’s card? 😉

That’s all about my recent experience about visiting a friendly dental clinic. Friendly here means that everything they try to offer is for the sake of patients’ goodness. Going to a dentist is spooky no more 😉

Well, anyway.. Eid Mubarak 1436 H ! ❤ *this post is the #26 English Friday Challenge*

16 thoughts on “5 Things About A Friendly Dental Clinic

  1. Wow I just knew if such friendly dental clinic exists! It can replace the scary image of a dental clinic with a fun one, especially for children. Thanks for sharing the info 🙂


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