Don’t worry, be 25!

twenty-fiveIn my journey from 24 to 25, I learned that expectation could bring you anxiety as well as disappoinment. Thinking ahead way too far would give you headache. So maybe in this 25, I should celebrate the presence more often. Because today is the best gift that God has ever given. I may keep planning, but less expecting…. or worrying.

Birthday is a sweet reminder that our time is counting down. So learning all good things to be good is the utmost necessity. Responding life properly amid those changes is the wisdom I need to have.

“Maybe deep inside you, you’re scared that if you find the truth, it’s gonna ask you to change yourself. And you don’t want to change yourself.” ~Nouman Ali Khan.

28 thoughts on “Don’t worry, be 25!

  1. Indeed. Thinking too far in advance only hurts ourselves because we don’t know our circumstances around that time period :).

    Anyway, happy birthday! Ulang tahun kita hampir barengan ya, hehehe


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