EF #29: Childhood Companionship

My childhood and her is one thing. She’s my all time partner. I was the yellow ranger, she’s the pink one. She’s the coffee, and I’m the milk. She’s the extrovert, and I’m the introvert. She is whom I look up to as an older sister. When one of us cried, the other would show silly faces just to make it stop. You used to stop, but I didn’t 😛

Time goes by and we were those teenagers who talked about boys. We both had our own issues and we shared our thoughts. Those talks then led us to discuss about life. That was my favorite, by the way! ❤ We questioned about fate, how things happened, why and how it should be, you’re my favorite person for this one. More things were coming, and we shared more.

But then I went to college out of town. We had our time once or twice and suddenly things went fast. You traveled the world. You said you were crying when you watched ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, and you traveled more. I was busy graduating, having my oh-so-early office life, and getting married. You weren’t there.
Among those times, we still shared the updates. Due to the lack of times, it was only the essentials. Until one day, you said that you met this guy. I was so happy. You said you were going to marry him. You did, but I was not there. Unfortunately.

So here we are now. I live here, you live everywhere. We use those occasions to meet. But so happy, that some days ago we met just for our time. Woohooo!

All I wanna say is sorry for not being there at those times (if ever) when you need me. Thank you for those childhood memories, all the sisterhood we had, you’ll always be that ranger pink anyway.
Love ya, sist! Stay happy 😉



So who was your childhood partner? Care to tell us? 🙂

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