About The Prior Solar Eclipse


Solar Eclipse

Am I too late to talk about it, guys? Well, on the last solar eclipse moment I was having my daughter sick at home so I didn’t really enjoy it. As well as I didn’t have any chance to go to the mosque for doing the prayer. But let me put my two cents about it. Actually, I felt lucky to be here, alive, when this wonderful natural phenomenon occurred. For it happened once in so many many years, everyone might agree to call it a once in a lifetime event. Then it’s undeniably wonderful since no other power than His which can make the earth, moon, and the sun conjuncted on the same line like this. Subhanalloh ❤ I personally feel grateful and thrilled at the same time.


Courtesy of Liputan6

Why thrilled? Because it’s so beautiful yet I was afraid it stayed still, and the sun would shine no more. Regarding to this event, people had their own belief and ways to enjoy. Some of them were travelling far away to find the best spot, taking pictures, the other were praying and contemplating, praying and taking pictures afterwards, some are making memes, and so on.


Bekasi strikes again. LOL! 😀 *these memes are from WA broadcasts messages*

I was in Bandung and there were no special changes on the routines. In the morning, the moslems were praying at the mosques and then going to work as usual. The sky was darker, though, like it was cloudy.

Despite all the things, I like the idea of Indonesian Ministry of Tourism about the special event in some cities to attract tourists visiting Indonesia. Nothing was wrong with that. We knew that our country was going viral as more people paid attention during this. I could say that the ministry took this chance very well.

Has anyone here gone to those particular cities to see the solar eclipse? Or maybe just stayed at home swinging toddler a lullaby like me? Tell me about it 😉

26 thoughts on “About The Prior Solar Eclipse

  1. Bisa banget ya itu kenangan mantan dan Bekasinya :haha… kasihan banget sih Bekasi itu *ditimpuk orang Bekasi*. Duh saya juga belum nulis nih buat BEC :wkwk. Mudah-mudahan hari ini bisa.


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