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These days, my friends and I were some kind of stalking our lecture background on the web. The reason? As simple as he didn’t say anything about himself at our 1st class-meeting. Knowing him so stunningly good looking smart, we were curious about his educational background, and any other career records. Then it ended up… he was hard to find, even on LinkedIn.

On that moment, I thought to myself… how well does google know me?

I typed my name on the search engines and it revealed so many, especially this blog. It occurred to me: well… maybe some things need to be managed. But here, I feel like talking more about my presence on blogosphere.


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I’m not a social media enthusiast, but indeed I run some of the platforms. There are ones for my professional networking, and the others for private joy. You may ask, in which is this blog? I can say that this blog is on the middle but more to my professional networking. This is the sanctuary of my mind, actually. I write because there is this thing to share, not just some life updates. I do put my daughter’s milestone in one full post as a reminder to me when I need it. For the rest, instead of offering you stories, I’m giving you my ideas.

There was this one person told me once: “I read your blog and then I stopped, because I thought that you’re going to talk about your kids. I like reading about your kids”. With all of my respect, all I can say is sorry. You might not find what you want then, because this blog isn’t her diary. Though I write motherhood, but the kids are not my point. I upload her picture and a lil about her only as supporting details to the idea, not the main story. And for this details, never do I click the publish button without considering the impact possibilities. Since there were so many references about ShaRents, I started to think about my daughter’s future online presence.

The same thing works when I write for sponsored posts. Considering the readers’ time they spend on this blog, not only do I send the message I’m paid to, but also some other ideas related to it. They may mind “the commercial”, but still I’m offering them the other thing: related ideas/info.

So, about my online presence here on the blog, I want people to see this as a room of my mind. I’m not building any identity or niche, because well, I’m just sharing ideas even when people don’t care about what I write. But hopefully, I could always give something in return to anyone who spends their time on this blog. Blogging feels liberating, that is why I need to keep this in a good manner. We can’t deny that today most people live in two worlds, in real and virtually. Online presence management is needed for boundaries. Gadget is a silent weapon. And as people with it everytime at anywhere, we need to be super cautious because things can get viral super easily. We don’t want silly things to ruin our whole life, do we?


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How do you manage your own online presence?


28 thoughts on “About Online Presence

  1. Muahahahaha aku tahu siapa dosen yang distalkingin amaaa uneh😛😛😛😛 aku nanya sama yang pernah diajar beliau semester lalu, bagaimana rasanya diajar beliau, jawabannya tertekan yaampuun😂😂😂😂😂😂


  2. Aku sering googling namaku sendiri Nad. Tapi bersyukurnya yang keluar masih hal2 yg umum ga sampai yg identitas detail, salah satunya blog ini yg keluar. Tapi yg suka kesel jejak rekamku ikutan tes CPNS masih aja muncul di google. Ketahuan kalau pernah ikutan tes jadinya haha.


  3. Dunia maya memang mesti digunakan dengan bijak ya Mbak. Salah langkah sedikit, baik dunia nyata dan dunia maya bisa hancur berantakan; makanya harus hati-hati banget. Tapi di sisi lain, kalau mau eksis di dunia maya ya eksis sebagai diri sendiri adalah yang paling bagus, bukan menjadi orang lain atau pakai topeng supaya kelihatan bagus :hehe.
    Postingan ini sangat mencerahkan, terima kasih banyak ya Mbak! Jadi lebih hati-hati dalam berkicau atau bertingkah apa pun di media sosial :hehe.


  4. Kalau aku ngerasa terbantu banget nulis blog. Susah diucapkan kata-kata padahal otak rasanya penuh banget mau cerita, tapi ya tetep harus ada filternya ya mbak hehe


  5. Hmm kalau saya pribadi sih risih mbak kalo ada hal2 yg kurang mengenakkan terposting di Google. Misal seperti foto jadul di akun sosmed yg jadul pulah, nah itu kan kita dah lupa sama email n passwordnya, nah dah gabisa apa2 deh. kwkwkw.
    Akhir-akhir ini saya juga jadi sering mengetikkan nama di Google mbak, saya pengen tau posisi blog saya di hasil pencarian. Hehehe soalnya dah lama egak ngeblog gara2 offline mode.


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