About Online Presence

These days, my friends and I were some kind of stalking our lecture background on the web. The reason? As simple as he didn’t say anything about himself at our 1st class-meeting. Knowing him so stunningly good looking smart, we were curious about his educational background, and any other career records. Then it ended up… he was hard to find, even on LinkedIn.

On that moment, I thought to myself… how well does google know me?

I typed my name on the search engines and it revealed so many, especially this blog. It occurred to me: well… maybe some things need to be managed. But here, I feel like talking more about my presence on blogosphere.


Courtesy: condenaststore.com

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About The Prior Solar Eclipse


Solar Eclipse

Am I too late to talk about it, guys? Well, on the last solar eclipse moment I was having my daughter sick at home so I didn’t really enjoy it. As well as I didn’t have any chance to go to the mosque for doing the prayer. But let me put my two cents about it. Actually, I felt lucky to be here, alive, when this wonderful natural phenomenon occurred. For it happened once in so many many years, everyone might agree to call it a once in a lifetime event. Then it’s undeniably wonderful since no other power than His which can make the earth, moon, and the sun conjuncted on the same line like this. Subhanalloh ❤ I personally feel grateful and thrilled at the same time.
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The F-word

Today is exactly not Friday, but I insist to submit my post about  EF #16.1-“New Year, New Word”. Still in January, let’s start this year with the word of hope. Mine is FEASIBLE.

Feasible: (/ˈfiːzɪb(ə)l/) adj. means practical to do easily or conveniently; likely; probable. [1]

You see the title above? Yup, the F-word here is not the bad word or anything you could think of 😀 In this year, my marriage will turn 3 on the next monday and my daughter will turn 3 as well at the end of Desember. Three years of this journey, we have several big goals: both are the financial and non financial ones. So hopefully, all of them could be done conveniently as expected. Nothing we could do to make them come true, except keep doing what we need to. Some bumps might come along the way, but there’s no need to worry.

Well well, this is a short post anyway as a reminder for me to keep moving forward and not to procrastinate. miihihi.

What’s your magical word  for 2016 by the way? Let me know! 🙂

EF #29: Childhood Companionship

My childhood and her is one thing. She’s my all time partner. I was the yellow ranger, she’s the pink one. She’s the coffee, and I’m the milk. She’s the extrovert, and I’m the introvert. She is whom I look up to as an older sister. When one of us cried, the other would show silly faces just to make it stop. You used to stop, but I didn’t 😛

Time goes by and we were those teenagers who talked about boys. We both had our own issues and we shared our thoughts. Those talks then led us to discuss about life. That was my favorite, by the way! ❤ We questioned about fate, how things happened, why and how it should be, you’re my favorite person for this one. More things were coming, and we shared more.

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5 Things About A Friendly Dental Clinic

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you heard of ‘dental clinic’? Cold? Scary? Spooky tools and noise? Well, that was mine.

I had never had a good memories about visiting dentist. That makes me so reluctant to check my dental health up twice a year. So I always missed them.

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“Please All, and You Will Please None”

Sooo, it’s been some times since the last post. How long has it been? 10 days? :mrgreen:

Things were blurry and my mind was hazy, so I chose to be away from this blog for awhile. And here I am! Oh, what did I miss?? Seems like I missed a lot, because I didn’t blogwalk either and skipped one or two or three challenges of BEC. Well, today’s friday and I guess I should make this week’s challenge because it’s about favorite recipe for breakfasting.

I don’t have much to say, just another #notetomyself post. I wanted to write about this long ago, but eventually I’m just doing it now hehe.

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What is Kolang-Kaling in English by the way?? 😆
I’m getting back with BEC challenges after skipping some of them. And I can’t resist to join this one because it’s related to my favorite appetizer for breakfasting.

Then here it is: The Red Kolang-Kaling!

Red Kolang-Kaling

Red Kolang-Kaling

This one is very easy peasy for my oh-so-poor-cooking-skill.
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Chain Challenge-Blog Tour BEC

Due to BEC’s 2nd giveaway, I’d say… If I were a part of BEC Administrators, I would make a chain challenge and blog tour among the members. The rule can be more flexible and fun, but the point is like a chain challenge in blogging awards. Simply, we can call this BEC Awards. So the admins will pick the first person randomly and a theme for a blog post with some funny questions included. The 1st person needs to pick the other members for the next blog post theme challenge plus the questions afterwards.
The admins then make the recap to prevent members choosing the same person. What do you think? :mrgreen: