First Love That I Will Not Move On: Dad.


the first man to whisper me the adzan,
who will always see me as a spoiled littlle daughter,
who will always hide his worries towards me,
who will always hug me in an awkward gestures cause he thinks it’s a too “cengeng” thing,
who will always remind me to do the sunnah prayers,
who will always ask me whether i have enough money or not, even when i’m married now, kebiasaan…
who will always act like he’s in his mid 20’s while actually he’s in his 50’s for the sake of his moto trail adventures hobby,
who will always be the absolute first love of mine,
who will always love mom, and i love you….both.
-and here i’m the woman who misses her daughter time in the midst of her life as a wife and a mom.

also the 80’s greatest love songs which you really love to play in the car always remind me of our togetherness.
My First Love

Selamat Hari Bapak, Unni Sayang Bapak! ❤