24 my age! LOL

*peluk erat tanggal 8*

I was wondering, 24 tahun yang lalu mama sedang berjuang, seperti saya tanggal 25 desember 2013 lalu, berjuang melahirkan di tengah kewalahan. Terima kasih mama :* Semoga Alloh selalu memberkahimu.

And here i am, 24 years old. When i was in highschool, i thought i would be married at this age! mind you, i am having my sweety pie 9 months old this month..hahaha how did i get the guts to marry that early?? 😀 well, i dont know. It just happened kekeke.

Okay, sooo…what do i miss when i feel like suddenly on this stages of life? take a glimpse at the top of my fridge, there’s Prenagen Lactamom, and then a stack of Ayah Bunda and Parenting magazines on the floor, parenting books just on my reading lists shelf, “Teach Me To Do It Myself” by Maja Pitamic that i ordered thru online bookstore is on the way shipped to my home, and other stuffs that i used to think as “very boring stuffs”. Yes, i’ve been busy learning about parenting, because now i’m a newly mom. On the other hand, i feel so blessed to be in this stage without any particular obstacles that His guidance is everything to me, while maybe any other people out there still think twice or hundred times to be on my shoes now: married and having kids. I know that i owe much to Him, so i declare myself  that the BIG MISSION on this age is to find him more and always be connected.

There’s this one quote i read, (i forget the exact sentence and by whom was the quote) but it likely goes like this:

People notice their birthday, celebrate them, but there’s also this one date every year is their funeral, left unnoticed.

Hiii…shivering my spine, i could say. I found it very awakening. The first time reading it, i instantly remember that every living thing is going to die, eventually, then so am i. Every birthday is just a countdown. It reminds me not to be sucken up on useless things, on things that won’t accompany me nor help me when the time’s come.

*okay, stop it there, or else you get paranoid* but hey, that is the thing! i want to be that person who is not scared of that time. I want to be happy when it comes because that means i’m coming back to Him, Alloh, The One who creates me. This is the reason of my big mission, if you ask why.

In the other side, on my birthday i’m also picturing a lot of scenes in my mind, like a movie of me since i could remember until now. There are my childhood, parents, brothers, my growing up partner who live faraway in Queensland with her husband, the fail and unfail love stories :P, best friends…such a big contemplation. I am very grateful for this life, for all the ups and downs that make it more awesome 🙂

For now, i apologize to my hubby for being this imperfection. I’m still this human who often lose to her ego, but trust me, i’m trying hard to cope. I love you so much :* My big birthday hope is for us to always accompany each other, sync in harmony as life partner, dancing in the rain, enjoy the rainbow, life is just a joke 😉 (though jokes about RAISA is the most disturbing one, ever!) 😀 LOL.

managing my time!
-couple time
-aghisni playing time
-me time, reads reads reaaaddsss!!


that’s my life so far.

Well, Happy Birthday, Me! *cheers*