The F-word

Today is exactly not Friday, but I insist to submit my post about  EF #16.1-“New Year, New Word”. Still in January, let’s start this year with the word of hope. Mine is FEASIBLE.

Feasible: (/ˈfiːzɪb(ə)l/) adj. means practical to do easily or conveniently; likely; probable. [1]

You see the title above? Yup, the F-word here is not the bad word or anything you could think of 😀 In this year, my marriage will turn 3 on the next monday and my daughter will turn 3 as well at the end of Desember. Three years of this journey, we have several big goals: both are the financial and non financial ones. So hopefully, all of them could be done conveniently as expected. Nothing we could do to make them come true, except keep doing what we need to. Some bumps might come along the way, but there’s no need to worry.

Well well, this is a short post anyway as a reminder for me to keep moving forward and not to procrastinate. miihihi.

What’s your magical word  for 2016 by the way? Let me know! 🙂

Chain Challenge-Blog Tour BEC

Due to BEC’s 2nd giveaway, I’d say… If I were a part of BEC Administrators, I would make a chain challenge and blog tour among the members. The rule can be more flexible and fun, but the point is like a chain challenge in blogging awards. Simply, we can call this BEC Awards. So the admins will pick the first person randomly and a theme for a blog post with some funny questions included. The 1st person needs to pick the other members for the next blog post theme challenge plus the questions afterwards.
The admins then make the recap to prevent members choosing the same person. What do you think? :mrgreen:

EF #19: The Sweetest Bond

I love this 19th challenge of english friday! ❤ It brings me to those good times in college. I've never thought that living under the same roof for 3 years could create this strong bond with the girls. We're on the same year, and I remember the first time when we greeted each other in a very good manner. But actually they're all silly, so silly I always miss to be back on those days. Continue reading

EF #18: It was so complicated…. for my pocket money.

I made this post related to the 18th Challenge of english friday which is about The Complicated Relationship.
For me, a complicated relationship is the root of any discomfort. It is a situation where I know there is something wrong’s going on, and I want to fix it. But in the other hand, it needs the second party’s role to make it better. So I’ll end up having no clue of which way to start.
In this condition, all I feel is like hanging on a thread. At most case, we would just blame the other party for the inconvenience.

My complicated relationship happened 2 or 3 years ago, and it was me and my college. At that time, there was a moratorium regulation for civil servant as Mr. President required it to be. It was a problem for me and other alumna of state colleges. We should have been declared as civil servant and placed in some instances by the time we had graduated. But it didn’t go that way. We were waiting for about 7 months in vain without any further notice.
It was of course a problem to my pocket money, too 😀
I was too shy to ask for it to my parents since I’ve been graduated, but I couldn’t make some money either. I was thinking of applying an internship at some public accountants in town or tax consultants, like some of my friends did, but I couldn’t assure the company how long I’d stay. Because in the other side, I didn’t want to disappoint them anyway.
So all I did was just staying at home, watching KDrama dan reality show. Sometimes I accompanied Mom here and there to the tax office, running errands, and so on. On the other occasions, I went with Dad to do his business which was a fun thing to do.

It was enjoyable, though. But at some point, too much of holidays could kill your brain and you’d feel bored you could die 😆 I didn’t know about blogging at that time, so I just had fun in the other way around.
So yes, this was my complicated relationship with…. the regulation? or the state college? 😀
Well, I’m not sure, but I was so much hung up by the regulation back then.

So, have you been in a complicated relationship? 🙂

EF #12: Walk On!

20150324_171304This is so super later post, I’m sorry 😦 Since this week I was quite sluggish, even when nothing special changed the routines, though. Haaha Okey, put aside the curcol, I’m going to tell you my best means of vehicle: by feet! Well, ya everyone uses their feet when riding, too. By this means, I walk a lot in my daily life.

I live nearby my office, so I walk back and forth everyday. On weekend, I rarely go somewhere else, just stay at home. To go to the other destinations like supermarket, pediatrician, or anything else, I usually take Bajai. We take taxi when all of us go out. For some errands, I go with my hubby by motorbike to make it simple and faster.

Having this kind of experience, I’m always in shock when people tell their stories of traffic jam 😯 I don’t think I could bear it. But in the other side, I need to consider it, too, as a plan if I need to make Jakarta as our homebase. aaaghh ❗ I just couldn’t imagine it. I could use motorbike by myself, but I’ve never been picturing myself riding it in the middle of Jakarta’s hectic streets. I bet you already know that today’s motorbike users are like a troops of buzzing scary sometimes. If I need to drive a car…hmm.. I’m not confident since I’m a panicky! Still need to practice more often :mrgreen:

All in all, I just wish to be able to move to Bandung soon. The city is smaller, but I still could bear their traffic even it’s kinda like here, though. At least, I have experience riding motorbike there. bahaha 😛

EF #11: My Morning Attire

Because this week’s challenge left me clueless, so I present to you: My Every Morning Outfit! 😆

Okay, let me explain to you one by one what I wear to do grocery shopping with Cemplu everyday:
1. Veil: Tosca Long Syria by Meccanism.
2. Jacket by Tokidoki.
3. Top: Batik Pajamas, you may call it Daster anyway, by Puspa Kencana which I bought at Yogyakarta.
4. Pants: Dark Grey Legging by Whoopees.
5. Sandals: Blue Swallow.

That’s all! 😎 hahahhaa
This outfit surely the most comfortable for me in a day. Some people used to call Daster as marriage breaker since it’s not appealing for the husbands.
But, I don’t think my hubby has a problem with that 😛 LOL!

Well well well, I’m really expecting some fashion advice for me to look better in my skinny body. I don’t want to look that skinny and tall. So, how should I dress? Just shoot it on the comment box below ya! 😉
*waving to the camera, giving up, summon our lovely fashion designer.

What’s your favourite outfit? 🙂

EF #10: Mie Aceh, superyumm!!

My love for a heavy spices food and noodles brings the joy for this food: Mie Aceh (Acehnese Noodles, am I getting it right?). Actually, my favorite Indonesian Cuisine is a lot, but I pick this one as I could eat it so many times in a month. My hubby will say “Amen” for the last sentence, I guess :mrgreen:

Mie Tumis Daging @ RM Seulawah and Es Timun. My dynamic duo <3

Mie Tumis Daging @ RM Seulawah and Es Timun. My dynamic duo ❤

There are three options of serving this noodles: sauteed, fried, and boiled. I prefer the first one. And whatever the topping is, I always love them. I usually eat it with the pickels to make it fresher and Cucumber Ice (Es Timun) as the beverage. Cucumber Ice here has the role of the alkali to soothe the tummy from the heavy spices. Perfect match!
These two dishes, Mie Aceh and Cucumber Ice, are originally from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province, Indonesia.
And my favorite restaurant for this dish in Jakarta is the famous Seulawah which is located in Benhil. There is another favorite restaurant near my residence, it is in Kayu Manis street or whatever, near Matraman railway. Both restaurants are small and very unpretentious, but they make such a mouthwatering dishes, sluurrp!
Aaah, I can't get enough for just one plate, give me more, please!! :mrgreen:

Any other recommended places for this delicacy?

EF #9: Gathering with Delicacies!

Hello Friday!
This is the #9 Challenge Post, huyy, so glad I’m hanging on this tight 😀

This one is about a dream gathering, but I’d tell you my first gathering beforehand. My first blogging community is Kumpulan Emak Blogger a.k.a KEB. This is my first community ever in my life by the way, cause I’ve just noticed what’s been my passion. The first gathering I’ve ever joined is Arisan Ilmu that was held last year. I like their concept of this gathering. Instead of getting money like the usual Arisan, here we get knowledges. And yes, for free. As the venue is not that big, so the participants are limited only for 15 members. We registered and the chief of this event will decide who could join by shuffling (like ngocok Arisan, what’s in English? 😕 ). For the snacks during the event, we do Potluck. Everyone should bring their own food, anykind, so we could have a variety of delicacies. It’s fun! 🙂

The Potluck

The Potluck

Furthemore, you can just check the prior link above 😉

Nah, for my dream gathering, I’ve thought about something. As well The Museum Visit is such a brilliant idea, I always want to have a cooking class with Sushi Tei! 😎 And to have this as a gathering sounds interesting to me. We could have the chefs as the speakers (of course). Like any other cooking class, we could try to make our own sushi and write about it in our blog afterwards, as a post-event post. There will be a selected best sushi by The Sushi Tei Parties. I got some info from my cousin who’s been in this kind of event before. She said that if we want to hold this cooking class, we could gather at least 10 person at least. There will be a charge, the last one is IDR 75k, maybe now it’s different.

Well, this one is just my dream as not everyone loves sushi :mrgreen: But if this happened, I’d make sure my name’s on the list.

Courtesy by

Courtesy by