EF #8: Letter from A Proud 25

A High-Schooler! :mrgreen:

A High-Schooler! :mrgreen:

Dear The Teenage Me,

First thing first, I guess not much to say, just thank you so much for being you all this time. As a good yet bad-tempered girl, you did a lot for I am now. Things will be so much different in a not-so-satisfying-way, if you didn’t stay true to your heart and did as you wish to make your parents always happy and proud. Sounds wrong? 😕 No, because you know it from the very first time that their happiness is yours as well.

So here I am now, missing the old you. The one who is so eager, dilligent, independent, and explosive to the younger brothers (just like Kak Ros in Upin Ipin 😀 ). But what I miss the most is that flawless skin face without pimples!! hahaha 😀 GOSH! o_O The last time I had it was in the prior pregnancy.
Well, you were an impatient spoilt little girl kinda like sometimes, when it comes to having a certain wish to Bapak 😛

In the other hand, I congratulate you for surviving the heart-break moment of a fail-monkey-love-story and keep jomblo-ing until you met your future husband 😎

Well, I owe you for the hardwork and for finishing the english course to the advance level plus the additional TOEFL Prep. You really did your best! ⭐ It was not easy, I knew it. Being the youngest in class is annoying sometimes when the classmates kid on you :\ But so much fun, though, because they treated you as the youngest sister. You got all you want hahaha. What else?
As a closing, I’m grateful you for your decision to wear the veil in such a young age. This was really a “break” for my wild teenage-dreams 🙂 Please remind me to keep being me, pursue the dreams, and always be the only Daddy’s heartthrob ^^’

I love you, ❤

-From Your 25

This is the BEC’S #8 Weekly Challenge. Keep going! 🍸

EF #7: A Walking Umbrella

Bumi Sangkuriang, November 2012

Bumi Sangkuriang, November 2012

Look! This umbrella has feet! O_o LOL.
This picture was taken on November 2012 at Bumi Sangkuriang, Bandung. This little boy, playing with an umbrella in a light rain, caught our attention during our prewedding photo session 😛 Because it was raining, so we decided to take a break for awhile. Well, I don’t want my make-up to be faded, though 😳 No, kidding! 😀

I don’t know whose son he was, but he was really cute! ❤ Running around on a vast outdoor space, playing in the rain, such an activity every kids would love to do. I reckon his parents was one of the photographer or make up artist at that time. Everytime he was trying to abandon the umbrella, I heard his Mama yelling from afar. So funny ^^' If I were him, I would feel the same way, too: "That oh-so-big umbrella is such a nuisance, all I wanna do is playing, Mama. it'so heavy!" 😆

Well, anyway, if any of you are looking for a pre-wedding photo or wedding reception venue, I really recommend this place. Bumi Sangkuriang provides a photogenic indoor and outdoor venue. There is also a pool, playground, tennis court, and a mini-hotel inside. They're all so good! ⭐

For reservation:
Bumi Sangkuriang
Jalan Kiputih 12, Ciumbuleuit, Bandung
Phone: +62(22) 2032661, 2034149
Fax: +62(22) 2034155
Email: bp.bumisangkuriang@yahoo.com

This post is to fulfill the BEC’s #7 Weekly Challenge Post. Yeay! 😎

EF #6: Alter-Ego

Well, well, this one is the hardest of BEC’s Challenge Post. It is about Alter-Ego. Duh! ❓
I browsed some sources on the web and got some explanations. But the further I read, the more I saw Alter-Ego as something bad, a psychological disorder just like Bipolar :mrgreen: So I guess I would just make it simple here, to see Alter-Ego just as the other side of me which only a few people know. Alter-Ego is believed as someone in contrary, as simple as that.

In some movies I’ve watched, we could find the examples of Alter-Ego in Black Swan movie, where the Black Swan is actually Nina Sayers’s Alter-Ego. Or in Pretty Little Liars’ serial, where Vivian is Alison DiLaurentis’ Alter-Ego. When we watched them, they might seem, and we might think like they’re twins, but actually the other character is the Alter-Ego.

Alison DiLaurentis and Vivian Darkbloom in one picture. Courtesy by vivian-a-darkbloom.tumblr.com

Alison DiLaurentis and Vivian Darkbloom in one picture. Courtesy by vivian-a-darkbloom.tumblr.com

So, who is my Alter-Ego?
I don’t even know!! :mrgreen: LOL. But some days ago, this young man put a comment on my prior post which said that if he compared that post with this post, it seems like written by two different people ❓ I don’t think it is, though. But maybe because the tone of the sentences are different so he thought that way 😛

Hmmm… for me siiih, this blog itself is my own Alter-Ego. Nadcissism is Nadia Khaerunnisa’s Alter-Ego 🙄 Is it? Yes, It is. Because most of the posts here are written in a different tone with the one I say it verbally. If you read about The Author above, I call myself as a silent person or an introvert, because I am. But I don’t write like one, maybe, I’m not sure 😆

Oya, I also said there that I could be nastily crazy with those who are lovely. By this means, they are the people in my inner circle, like my family, and my besties. And yes, I’m so silly, goofy, or ridiculous, whatever you might call it. Well, I don’t think this could be categorized as Alter-Ego or not, maybe just because I’m awkward with new person :\
But there’s the other one thing, my mom always said that I could turn into a witch when I’m mad. Like really really mad 👿 Why witch? Maybe because I’m that bad!

EF 5: BEC and Me

BEC that I’m in, is Blog English Club. It is a group of bloggers where each of us is trying to improve our capabilities and comprehension in English, especially the writing skill. I knew it the first time when I was blogwalking to Mbak Nita. Further more, I also knew that this group was made by Mas Dani and Mas Ryan. So, here we have 3 founders! *standing ovation* 🙂 For the history of this group itself, you can check this out.

Why Do I Join?
You should know I was really eager to join this group. I didn’t have any consideration whether this is a huge group or a small one 😕 I just joined, plus the WA group. The first thing on my mind was: I guess this is gonna be a really good place to practice my English skill, because lately I barely have had any chances to practice it verbally or nonverbally. I learnt English almost 4 years intensively, so it will be just sad when it’s getting dull. Then, there I joined.

How was so far?
Frankly, I was amazed by the people in this group! 😀 They are sooo fun and hilarious ❤ Almost everyone in this group has never met each other before (some of them are friends from the beginning) but I have never felt like we’re talking to strangers. On the other side, those people are great learners! ⭐ I am so happy to get to know those amazing people. The four mentors are also outstanding! They give such a big help to our English comprehension for free. This "free" thing is a very noble thing I could ever think. I hope God bless them with every happiness and prosperity 🙂
Oh ya! I haven’t had any chances to blogwalk to all of the members, just some of them. Though it will be nice to know all of them, so this one is my own target: to blogwalk to each of the members, Insya Alloh… hehehe

Does it give any improvement to me?
Of course! At least it helps me to make English as a common thing in a way to communicate. By communicating in English often, it will make us easier to grope for the proper words and in a proper way. This is why to master a language, we need to practice a lot! 😎
Most of the learning session, I could be a silent reader because I try to understand the whole package. As it is a forum, so I need to scroll way up from the above. Due to my workload, sometimes I missed the learning session, too. If so, I just go to its blog and read the “English Essential”.

Do you have any expectations?
Well, even though I don’t have that much contribution to this group, I have this one dream 😛
I’ve mentioned this in the Chit-Chat Group (Oh! We have 2 WA groups by the way, BEC Learning Group and Chit-Chat Group, you can differ them by the name 😉 ). This one “grande” dream is to hold an event, some kind of workshop and gathering. There are speakers, then we learn about Formal Writing in English. By its theme, I guess the speakers could be people who work in English leading media or else. The event should be opened for public, not only the members. So, anyone can join this and know more about BEC at the same time 🙂 This may be a charged event, but it’s okay, I’d join anyway as long as I have spare time and it’s accessible.
But most of all, I just want this group’s longevity, not just a sudden hysteria. I hope all members are committed and keep the learning spirit high, though once we master it eventually.
And for the admins, well, don’t take my expectations too seriously and don’t make it as a burden as well. Your contributions so far are the best and I really thank you guys for the hard work! 🙂 *cheers* 🍸 😎

Any suggestions?
As a learning group or forum, everything went well, for me. But maybe the admins should really add up some more of the articles for the english essential part to ease members who missed the learning sessions.

Hmmm… I often wonder, what if we all met one day, would it be as merry as in the group? I’m a silent person, what about the others? 😛 LOL !

EF 4: Doraemon’s Copy Robot

Here we go again, the 4th of BEC Challenge Post!

The theme for this week is “Grab a Tool from Doraemon’s Magic Pocket”. This one is quite tough for me because I barely remember those gadgets in the comics or movies :\ All I know is just Take-Copter (Baling-Baling Bambu), Anywhere Door (Pintu Kemana Saja), Time Furoshiki (Selimut Waktu), Small Light (Senter Pembesar/Pengecil), Time Machine (Mesin Waktu), you name it. So, I was just browsing and found this gadget: Copy Robot!! ⭐

Pict from doraemon.wikia.com

Pict from doraemon.wikia.com

This gadget is also known as Copi Robotto.

How does it work?
To activate this robot, you just have to push the red button on its face (I reckon that’s the nose part) and it will turn into someone who pushes the button. Not only will it have the same appearance as us, but also the personality. The difference is just the robot version of us has a slightly red nose. How cool is that? *smirking* :mrgreen:
But do not ever try to hurt it, or else it’ll become mean and destructive, especially when its head hurts.
To deactivate, just push the same button as we activate it at the first time, the red nose.

What would I do with it?
I would send “the copy-me” to work at my office! Yes, replacing me for sure 🙄 💡
So, while she’s working, I could have plenty of time with my daughter at home and get paid as well 😆
And, whenever I’m reluctant to do anything, I’d send her anyway~~

Yah,, a dream is just a dream. Let’s wake up, reality is waiting 🙂

My Wildest Dream is to becoming Sean O’Connell !

Yes, It Is!!! My very wild dream is to living Sean O’Connell’s life.
Have you ever watched The Secret of Walter Mitty? This movie was released in 2013. It’s about Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller), an employee of Life Magazine who is, long story short, going for an adventure in the search of negative #25. Negative #25 is claimed as the quintessence of his photo journalist friend, Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn), and will be printed for the cover of the final print issue of the magazine. So, the story was about Mitty’s struggle to find the negative for his job’s sake. But that’s not the point.

My wildest dream lays on Sean O’Connell: I’m dreaming of becoming a photo journalist, but not an ordinary photo journalist. It’s the one like Sean O’Connell! ⭐ 😎 To make it clear, you really have to watch the movie then… 😆 HE IS UBER COOL! OMYGOD!! *suddenhysteria ❤ * hahahaha
The picture below is him, by the way~~
It's this man!!
I think of becoming that kind of photo journalist or international freelance writer like ranselijo’s friend is very fancy ⭐ Because as doing your job, you could explore the beauty of nature and life, also anything else that impresses you. It’s like you could do anything you want, stay anywhere you wish to, as long as you might. I could say they’re the real YOLO doer 😀

Well, i know that he’s just a fiction figure, but i believe that kind of person really exists in this world. Besides, i am always amazed and astonished by the beautiful pictures taken by those people. Their talent is gifted and the way they grateful for it, is very genuine 🙂 So, because i’m not a photographer nor a journalist, and i don’t think that i’m brave enough for that either, i find it out that being a photojournalist like Sean O’Connell is beyond my fate could bring me to!

Go watch the movie, it’s inspirational and so deep as well, anyway 😉

2015: Mindfulness

Am i too late for “a welcoming new year post” ? mehehe
Lately, i’ve joined BEC that stands for Blog English Club, a group of blogger who are willing to learn and practice our english comprehension, especially in writing skills. One of the activities is some kind of weekly challenge post, and the theme for this week is One Word for My 2015. Naaah, because i haven’t posted anything about welcoming this new year, then i guess i’ll make it in one go 🙂

I pick Mindfulness for my 2015 ! Why is it? For some of you who have read my posts these days may notice that this word have come a lot lately, one of them is here.

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; On purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.” by Jon Kabat-Zinn

At first, i was really impressed by my bestfriend’s and her hubby’s posts about death in the beginning of this year. Since i have never have enough guts to write about death, so i think their posts are really awesome! They rang the bell that life is just a glimpse. As i said before, we can’t close our eyes or ears that everyday, every seconds is just a countdown, so being mindful in our life is very essential.
Being mindful might seems petty, but i find it really huge! ⭐

So, in this 2015, i want to feel my presence in the present moment. This mindfulness will be in every aspects of life.
1. In daily life, i need to be mindful to always remember that Alloh is watching me, so i will not forget to pray to start a day, to eat, to bring Him anywhere i go, everything i do. So that, i hope that i will not do anything that could be bad for the others (dzolim).

2. In making priorities, i need to remember that i should not go after something that will not help my after life. Or how do i call it? Tidak mengejar sesuatu yg tidak dibawa mati? Yes, as simple as that.

3. In my job, i need to make my best. Take it or leave it.

4. In blogging and my social media life, i need to remember the awareness of cybercrime so i should be very careful to write or post anything related to my personal life.

5. In shopping spree, THIS ONE I NEED TO BE MINDFUL THE MOST! 😆

6. In my family life, as my #1 priority, i need to make sure of my presence at home, be there for my husband, my kid, and hopefully my parents and in-laws in Bandung and Cimahi. So when things doesn’t meet my requirements or separates us more, then i have to be ready to leave it. Or simply when i’m home, i don’t busily engaged with my gadget! 🙂

All in all…



I wish you a great and blissful 2015, everyone! ❤